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V+ Plenum Re-Gasket Service

: $25 - Please read description
Item Number: KX-VP-RGS

Do you have a Plenum that has a torn or worn out gasket?? If so, we can fix it for you!!

Purchasing this service includes us re-surfacing your old plenum to insure it's 100% flat and a adhering a new gasket.

Once you old plenum is received, our QC department will thoroughly inspect it to ensure it's serviceable. If we find anything wrong with it, we will contact you before proceeding with the service.

If you plenum is serviceable, the next step is to remove any remaining original gasket and re-surface the sealing surfaces to ensure they are 100% flat.

Once re-surfaced, we adhere a large sheet of gasket material on the plenum and use a machine flush-cut process to ensure a perfect match to your plenum.

The result should be a completely reconditioned part that is ready to re-install on your vehicle.


**You will notice by purchasing this service you are being charged for shipping. That shipping charge is to cover return shipping back to you once you part has been reconditioned.

You are responsible to arrange and cover any costs associated with sending the part to us for the reconditioning service.

Please purchase this service AFTER you have sent your old plenum to the following address:

Kinetix Racing

1936 E McFadden Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Once we receive your old plenum, we will check to see if you've already purchased this service. If not, we will contact you to complete the purchase.
Please be sure to include a note inside the box with your part that has your name, address, telephone # and email address.
If you complete the purchase of this service and you don't hear anything from us, that usually means your part is serviceable.
You should receive a tracking # for your reconditioned plenum to your email within 48-72 hrs of us receiving your plenum for service.

If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact us before sending you plenum to us.