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Kinetix Racing V+ Plenum 350Z 03-05 / G35 03-07

: $324.99
Item Number: KX-DE-VP

NEWLY RELEASED V+ intake plenum with new LOWER PRICE!!

Fits the following models:

2003-2005 350z and 2003-2007 G35 (single throttle body engine models)

2003-2008 FX35

Improved in EVERY aspect over our previous intake plenum, including performance:

    * 270% stronger than previous plenum

    * Incredible heat resistance, improved 170%, now up to 500 degrees F

    * Lower operating temperatures - 50 degrees cooler than ANY aluminum plenum option

    * More volume! 20% more volume than factory and 12% more than our previous version

    * Completely smooth underside with NO flow restrictions

    * Can handle boosted cars, with lifetime warranty on cars up to 10 psi

    * Read to install - Includes all necessary hardware and gaskets for installation

    * Lifetime Warranty

    * Check out our upcoming "Upgrade Program" for our previous plenum customers!


This new intake plenum replaces the upper half of your factory intake manifold.  This plenum bolts directly up to your car with zero modifications, and also allows the use of the factory strut bar, and engine cover.  This unit will fit the 350z, the G35, and the FX.  *** Engine cover may not fit with the G35 or the FX35 **

This plenum increases the volume to the middle and more importantly the front cylinders.  The factory plenum utilizes a very aggressive angle as it caps off the front cylinders.  This new plenum equalizes the flow to all cylinders, while also increasing the total plenum volume.  This plenum also uses a very versatile plastic to achieve a smooth interior for superior flow properties.  The plastic also allows a lighter overall weight, by about 3 lbs.   The overall temperatures of the plenum have also decreased by about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  This helps with heat soak problems and to help lower air intake temperatures.

Our plenum has shown a solid peak gain of 14 rwhp and a consistent gain throughout the RPM range.   When matched up with our high flow cats, they together have shown peak gains of 20 rwhp

The plenum still retains most of all the factory mounting points and also includes all necessary new hardware.  The plenum also includes a permanently adhered flange gasket that is to be used with the factory gasket as well as a new throttle body gasket.

Look for our package with our 49 State SMOG legal high flow cats for package savings.

* Due to State Emissions Regulations, in California this product is only intended for off-road use.

** This plenum includes a lifetime warranty on manufacturer's defects. This will include any failure in the plastic material used which may effect its ability to create a seal. The cork gasket is not covered under our lifetime warranty. For those customers needing a new gasket to replace any gaskets that have been damaged during installation or repetitive installations, we offer a re-gasketing service for a minor fee.

This product will ship 2-3 days from order date.