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07+ G35, G37 and 370Z Race Spec Rear Camber & Traction Package

: $319.99
Item Number: KX-Z34-RCT
Rear camber/traction PACKAGE for the 370Z and G37 (2dr and 4dr)


Application :

2007-2008 G35 Sedan (All Trims and Models)

2008 G37 (All Trims and Models)

2009-Current 370Z / G37 (All Trims and Models)

These adjustable camber arms will allow a full range of camber adjustment for your rear wheels.  Also featuring upgraded ENERGY SUSPENSION polyurethane bushings, these arms are considerably stronger and stiffer than the factory arms.

These traction adjustable arms allow fine tuning of the rear suspension and allow slight adjustment of rear wheel toe.  When lowering your car 1.5"-2" and adjusting rear camber back to spec, your toe will need to be pulled back into spec as well, which can be achieved with these arms.  They also feature high quality ENERGY SUSPENSION polyurethane bushings for increased handling.  The increased stiffness of the arm and upgraded bushing help to eliminate "wheel hop".

Fabricated out of DOM steel, with a grade 8 center turnbuckle for increased stiffness and strength. Center turnbuckle has course threads for easy adjust-ability. Are produced in house and are precision TIG welded.

With both the camber and traction arms, you will full adjust-ability over your camber and toe when lowered up to 2" (past 2" and an additional modification to a factory arm is needed to bring everything back to spec, please email for details)

** We STRONGLY suggest getting your alignment done by a professional with a computer**

**These arms ship 4-8 business days after order placement, thanks