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Ferrari 360 Modena hi-flow metallic catalytic converters

: $2,099.99
: Custom Production. Please email us for more information.

Hi-Flow Catalytic converters for all Ferrari 360 Modena models !!

Possibly the single best modification you can make to a factory equipped Ferrari, is the hi-flow cats.  Representing a huge opportunity in lost power from a very low flowing factory unit, a simple bolt on really opens the engine up.  Notice immediate large power increases, as well as an even sweeter Ferrari sound, all while dropping unnecessary weight.

Features :

     ** TIG welded stainless steel construction

     ** Gains of 24 hp +

     ** Custom 180 cell count  METALLIC element for maximum flow with an aggressive deep note


     ** Save 20 lbs over stock


These catalytic converters represent the very best in available materials and craftsmanship.  Fully TIG welded construction , then polished out to a mirror shine.   With machined flanges and slip joints, these cats offer the best in fitment and installation ease.


We had a custom 180 thread cell count metallic converter constructed just for our new line of EXOTIC converters.  The 180 cell count flow is almost identical to a 100 cell count converter, but without the overly aggressive noise.  Get the best performance, with the best sound.


Installation is completely bolt on with ZERO modifications needed.  Your old factory cats can be re-installed with no problem.  Installation is smooth and our cats offer more clearance than factory, with a weight savings of 20 lbs!


No one in the industry will offer you a lifetime warranty on any exhaust product.... WE DO.   We will even go as far as offering lifetime warranty on the catalytic element inside.   All of our products  are constructed IN-HOUSE.   We do all our own mandrel tube bending, metal shaping , and TIG welding in house.  This allows us complete control over quality, and allows us to really serve our customers.  We are not importers.


** Orders generally ship 5-7 business days after order placement **



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